Filter Coffee £2.70

Latte £2.85

Cappuccino £2.85

Espresso £2.70

Flat White £2.85

Hot Chocolate £3.00

Hot Chocolate – The works! £3.50

Tea £2.00

Specialty Teas £2.50

Sparkling Water £1.50

Still Water £1.50

Various Cans of Pop £1.50

Apple or orange juice £2.60

Ginger beer £2.60

Milk £1.00

Bottle of Wine 18.7cl £5.00

Bottle of Lager £3.50

Bottle of Ale £4.00

Prosecco £6.50


Fruit Scones with Jam £2.50

Cheese Scones £2.00

Toasted Teacake with Jam £2.50

Toasted Crumpets £2.00

Cream of Vegetable Soup £5.00

served with bread roll

Various Pies and Quiches £6.95

served with salad

Freshly made Sandwiches £5.50

Oven Baked Jacket potatoes £6.75

served with salad

Traybakes £2.60

Desserts from fridge £4.75

served with fresh cream

Daily specials on blackboard

Food Allergy and Intolerance

Items on this menu may contain allergens inc.nuts.

Please speak to a member of staff if you have

any allergies or dietary requirements.